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The Trigan Empire (Gerry Wood)
Concealed Weapon from ''The War of The Zolts' (TWO pages) (Originals) (Signed)

Concealed Weapon from ''The War of The Zolts' (TWO pages) (Originals) (Signed) by The Trigan Empire (Gerry Wood) at The Illustration Art Gallery

Ref: WoodGTrig240181DLL (Click for LARGE picture)

Artist: Gerry Wood (biography)
Medium: Gouaches on Board
Size: 13" x 17" (320mm x 420mm)
Date: 1981
Signature: Signed by artist centre left panel second board

These are the Signed unique original Gouache paintings by Gerry Wood.

This double page set of complete illustration boards from 'More Adventures of the Trigan Empire', showcase Gerry Wood's brilliant skill as an illustrator. Wood paints the incredible variety of Trigan characters, landscapes and architecture with panache and veracity. The vehicles, machines, arms and armaments portrayed in these strips are exquisitely detailed by Gerry Wood who drew on his expertise working as a longstanding artist for Speed and Power magazine.

The Trigan Empire, which first appeared in the debut issue of Ranger (18th September 1965), ran for a total of 17 years and has become one of the best loved and well remembered British comic strips ever.

This is a unique chance to own a part of British Comic History.

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Left Hand Page
Left Hand Page
Right Hand Page
Right Hand Page

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The Trigan Empire (Gerry Wood)

The Trigan Empire (Gerry Wood)