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Geoff Squire
Norman Gnome visits a Solicitor (Original)

Norman Gnome visits a Solicitor (Original) by Geoff Squire at The Illustration Art Gallery

Ref: SquireNGSolicitor (Click for LARGE picture)

Artist: Geoff Squire (biography)
Medium: Watercolour on Cartridge Paper
Size: 6" x 6" (140mm x 150mm)
Date: 1958

This is the unique original Watercolour painting by Geoff Squire.

A wonderful panel from the story 'Norman Gnome Gets Rich' as published in Playhour 1958. One of only four known stories painted by Geoff Squire.

This is a very good example of Squire's work. These stories were fully painted, funny and filled with little details that make them worth going back to time and again. Watercolour with pen and ink.

This painting is delightfully full of charm and is wonderfully executed, delighting children and adults alike!

It is to be noted that the artist's father was a solicitor, and we can imagine that this painting was particularly fun to paint for Geoff Squire! The minute details such as the barely visible title on the cover of the law book, the books piled up in the window and the caricature of the solicitor seem all heartfelt.

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Geoff Squire

Geoff Squire