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Modesty Blaise (Romero) Art
Modesty Blaise strip 2334 - The Bound Beauty and the Snake (Original) (Signed)

Modesty Blaise strip 2334 - The Bound Beauty and the Snake (Original) (Signed) by Modesty Blaise (Romero) Art at The Illustration Art Gallery

Ref: RomeroMB2334 (Click for LARGE picture)

Artist: Enric Badia Romero (biography)
Medium: Pen & Ink on Acid-free Paper
Size: 20" x 6" (500mm x 165mm)
Date: 1970
Signature: Signed by artist in centre panel

This is the Signed unique original Pen & Ink drawing by Enric Badia Romero.

Modesty, Willie and their guide Gil, are operating an under the radar rescue operation in the small South American republic of Cuarembo. A particularly feisty English girl, Diana Millard, has been kidnapped by revolutionaries and is being held hostage in the deep jungle.

The revolutionaries have released a huge anaconda serpent near the bound hostage and are filming her plight in order to prove how very serious they are.

Willie Garvin has blindfolded himself and is staggering forward into the scene, pretending he is in desperate need of water, in order to get into knife range.

This original strip is beautifully and meticulously brushed by Romero. Including many figures, the giant snake, and of course the women Romero is renowned for depicting with such charm and beauty.

This also represents a very early work in the Modesty timeline, and forms part of the third story Romero ever worked on; The Green-Eyed Monster.

The artist has collected a newspaper cutting of the published strip and this is affixed to the reverse, alongside a rubber ink stamp saying the strip was received on 17th December 1970.

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Modesty Blaise (Romero) Art

Modesty Blaise (Romero) Art