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Axa (Romero) Art
AXA daily strip 449 (Original) (Signed)

AXA daily strip 449 (Original) (Signed) by Axa (Romero) Art at The Illustration Art Gallery

Ref: RomeroAXA449 (Click for LARGE picture)

Artist: Enric Badia Romero (biography)
Medium: Ink on Acid-free Paper
Size: 19" x 7" (494mm x 178mm)
Date: 1979
Signature: Signed by artist in inked in first panel

This is the Signed unique original Ink drawing by Enric Badia Romero.

This is the original artwork Romero inked for an early daily episode of the AXA story 'The Desired'. Axa strips rarely leave the collections of enthusiasts.

AXA is attempting to escape from the city of the Sea-Dome and is impressed with the technology. A nice touch is that 'The Rulers' of the Sea-Dome are all women as the society is fiercely Matriarchal, so Axa may be able to control some of the men.

The strip is date stamped on the reverse by the Sun Newspaper, so we know this was first published on 29th October 1979.

The strip was re-bubbled for a Spanish publication so here is a transcript of the original text in English for reference:

-It's a trick, You Fool! I'll insist on taking the recaptured girl to the Sea Dome's control room..
-Now wait a minute, Pugh..
-Once there, I'll overpower the women in charge.. And Axa can radio orders to the male guards on the access-tube to lay down their guns..
-And what if I don't agree?

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Axa (Romero) Art

Axa (Romero) Art