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Moebius (Jean Giraud) Art
Starwatchers and The Floating Vessel (Limited Edition Print) (Signed)

Starwatchers and The Floating Vessel (Limited Edition Print) (Signed) by Moebius (Jean Giraud) Art at The Illustration Art Gallery

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Artist: Moebius (Jean Giraud) (biography)
Medium: Numbered Limited edition Screenprint on Acid-free Paper
Size: 25" x 19" (630mm x 495mm)
Date: c. 1980
Signature: Signed by artist bottom right in pencil

This is a Signed Limited edition print.

This glorious screenprint was published in a small edition of just 170 worldwide - this particular print is hand signed and marked 'EA', signifying it was an additional print that was earmarked for a collaborator in the project.

Starwatcher characters populate the mystical Tower whilst two figures float by on their floating vessel. An overwhelming sense of calm is present on the vessel, yet we can feel the excitement of the watchers from the tower ... even Arzach can't be far away as his pterodactyl-like bird is accompanying the ship.

The print has been created using screen-printing techniques whereby certain colours have been overlapped to create deeper hues and to create the colours which hide all manner of details. The layers of ink have been applied to a slightly satin paper which adds to the richness of the printing.

The careful choice of colours and techniques used in the printing also create the impression that the vessel is floating slightly proud of the page.

This print is not only a fabulous example of Moebius's imagination and mastery of perspective, but it also brings together elements of his science-fiction work as well as his famed western; 'Lieutenant blueberry'.

This print is truly extraordinary.

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print showing signature
print showing signature

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Moebius (Jean Giraud) Art

Moebius (Jean Giraud) Art