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World Wars (Matania)
In a British Advanced Observation Post (World War I) (Framed) (Limited Edition Print) (Signed)

In a British Advanced Observation Post (World War I) (Framed) (Limited Edition Print) (Signed) by World Wars (Matania) at The Illustration Art Gallery

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Artist: Fortunino Matania (biography)
Medium: Limited edition Lithograph print on Paper
Size: 15" x 10" (381mm x 254mm)
Date: 1916
Signature: Signed by artist lower left

This is a Signed Limited edition print.

One of a series of 12 artist proof signed prints produced for the Sphere & Tatler in 1916, 'With the British Army on the Western Front'. This print subtitled 'How Artillery Fire is Observed and Corrected'.

(The task of observing artillery fire is one of the most difficult and trying which our soldiers have to perform. The observation post is often located in a shattered house, almost on the point of collapse. The approach to such posts is tedious and extremely perilous. The observation post depicted is a sand-bagged cottage, so battered by shell-fire that it trembled with every step one took.

The men live in entire isolation, without being able to move, sometimes not even to speak beyond a whisper, with difficulty keeping themselves in equilibrium on the insecure floor; many of these ruined houses, some fortified inside with sand-bags, other standing only by a miracle. It is not always possible to use all the rooms because some are almost collapsing and others are too much exposed to the enemy, being generally near the firing line.

The officers endeavour to embellish these tragic surroundings, using a few pieces of remaining furniture, decorating the walls with war trophies, maps or with photographs of their dear ones.)

This print is professionally matted and framed.

This art features as Fig. 88 in the book The Art of Fortunino Matania: catalogue of original art & prints.

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World Wars (Matania)

World Wars (Matania)