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Maurice Leloir
Richelieu (Original) (Signed)

Richelieu (Original) (Signed) by Maurice Leloir at The Illustration Art Gallery

Ref: LeloirRich (Click for LARGE picture)

Artist: Maurice Leloir (biography)
Medium: Mixed Media on Board
Size: 16" x 20" (400mm x 520mm)
Date: 1910
Signature: Signed by artist upper left

This is the Signed unique original Mixed Media art by Maurice Leloir.

This is the fabulous original pen and ink and watercolour painting reproduced in the book 'Richelieu', one of 38 paintings appearing in the book as chromolithographs.

The book, published in 1910 and written by Theodore Cahu, is one of a series of Collection d'Albums Historiques and is a stunning album on the famous 17th century French statesman, with full page and double page watercolour illustrations in chromolithograph in a magnificent embossed coloured binding with pages held by stubs to allow full spread of illustrations.

This is a very rare surviving painting in intricate detail. There is minor age spotting on the surface, but otherwise there is no fading or damage to this magnificent watercolour depicting Richelieu at the court of the French King.

The art is accompanied by a copy of the 1910 book.

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Cover of 1910 book (included)

Internal page reproduction of the painting

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Maurice Leloir

Maurice Leloir