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John Keay Art
The Storm Took It's Toll (Original)

The Storm Took It's Toll (Original) by John Keay Art at The Illustration Art Gallery

Ref: KeayStorm (Click for LARGE picture)

Artist: John Keay (biography)
Medium: Watercolour on Board
Size: 9" x 12" (220mm x 295mm)
Date: 1980

This is the unique original Watercolour painting by John Keay.

Here is the Weather Forecast. Top left inset: Matthew Fontaine Maury, whose new type of meteorological charts made it possible to determine the exact position of an overdue vessel.

Top centre inset: Vice-Admiral Fitzroy who committed his government department to a forecasting service which landed him in trouble; he even sent his gale warnings to newspapers for publication.

Top right inset: a coastguard hoists a gale-warning cone with the pointed end upwards indicating that a northerly gale can be expected.

Main picture: even experienced mariners were liable to find themselves in difficulties when sailing round the rocky coast of Cornwall. Adverse weather conditions could easily result in the ship being wrecked and the lives of the crew lost.

Original artwork for the illustrations on p15 of Look and Learn issue no. 969 (4 October 1980).

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John Keay Art

John Keay Art