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Don Lawrence
Karl the Viking Volume II (Limited Edition)

Karl the Viking Volume II (Limited Edition) at The Book Palace

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Glorious Limited hard cover edition of just 300 copies worldwide

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Karl the Viking Book Two Karl the Viking Book Two Karl the Viking Book Two
Karl the Viking Book Two Karl the Viking Book Two

In this second, and concluding, volume of Karl the Viking the brave Briton takes the fight even further abroad than before as he and his band of warriors battle against the rival Viking Gefion One-Eye in Africa, become mercenaries in a violent dispute between treacherous Russian tribes, and survive against fantastical and unnatural sea monsters.

Karl the Viking is the series which made Don Lawrence's reputation, and it was on this basis that he was hired to revolutionise painted comic art with The Trigan Empire. This volume also contains stories written by Michael Moorcock penned when he was just beginning to create the adventures of Elric.

Stories include:
Gefion One-Eye
Island of Monsters
The Magician in the Swamp
The Fallen Meteorite
The Fortress of Death
The Voyage of the Sea Raiders
The Quest of the Long Ships
The Curse of the Claw
The Monster of the Swamp
The Ghost of the Tideless Sea
The Swamp of Fear
The Sword of the Sea Wolves

Authors: Ted Cowan, Ken Bulmer, Michael Moorcock
Artists: Don Lawrence, Edmund Drury, Robert Forrest, Ruggero Giovannini; cover artist Stewart Kenneth Moore
Publisher: Rebellion, December 2022
Number of pages: 240
Format: Hard Cover; Black & White illustrations
Size: 9" x 11" (216mm x 282mm)
ISBN: 9781786186584

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