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Harry Green Art
The Battle of Bannockburn (Original)

The Battle of Bannockburn (Original) by Harry Green Art at The Illustration Art Gallery

Ref: GreenBannockburnLL (Click for LARGE picture)

Artist: Harry Green (biography)
Medium: Gouache on Board
Size: 11" x 15" (280mm x 375mm)
Date: c. 1980

This is the unique original Gouache painting by Harry Green.

The Battle of Bannockburn on 23 and 24 June 1314 was a victory of the army of King of Scots Robert the Bruce over the army of King Edward II of England in the First War of Scottish Independence.

King Edward invaded Scotland after Bruce demanded in 1313 that all supporters still loyal to ousted Scottish king John Balliol acknowledge Bruce as their king or lose their lands.

Stirling Castle, a Scots royal fortress occupied by the English, was under siege by the Scottish army. King Edward assembled a formidable force of soldiers from England, Ireland and Wales to relieve it; the largest army ever to invade Scotland. This attempt failed when he found his path blocked by a smaller army commanded by Bruce.

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Harry Green Art

Harry Green Art