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Hal Foster Art
Prince Valiant Preliminary #1819 (Original)

Prince Valiant Preliminary #1819 (Original) by Hal Foster Art at The Illustration Art Gallery

Ref: FosterHal1819 (Click for LARGE picture)

Rare Preliminary Drawing by Hal Foster with Certificate of Authentication.

Artist: Hal Foster (biography)
Medium: Pencil on Paper
Size: 8" x 11" (214mm x 277mm)
Date: 1971

This is the unique original Pencil drawing by Hal Foster.

This is the original preliminary drawing by Hal Foster created for Prince Valiant Sunday page #1819 published on 19th December 1971.

This highly detailed drawing was drawn by Foster to guide John Cullen Murphy who would be inking the finished page. This is only the 31st page Cullen had inked for the series, so Foster was being incredibly precise with his visual instructions, including a very faint but visible series of diamond shaped layout grid to help with balance and perspective.

When we compare Fosters' original pencil drawing to Cullen Murphy's published final, it gives us an intimate insight into the working practices and visual communication between the artists - just look at the additional photos.

Hal Foster, whose work on Prince Valiant is legendary, hand picked John Cullen Murphy to be his successor on the strip, which was subsequently taken over by Gary Gianni.

A certificate of authentication will be provided with the artwork.

Click for larger image ...
prelim whole page and printed page
prelim whole page and printed page
prelim top panels close up and printed page
prelim top panels close up and printed page
prelim bottom panels close up and printed page
prelim bottom panels close up and printed page

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Hal Foster Art

Hal Foster Art