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Lawrence Robb Batchelor Art
Vintage Frosst Pharmaceuticals (FIVE Posters) (Originals)

Vintage Frosst Pharmaceuticals (FIVE Posters) (Originals) by Lawrence Robb Batchelor Art at The Illustration Art Gallery

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A collection of FIVE !!<Dingbat Posters </span>>!!

Artist: Lawrence Robb Batchelor (biography)
Medium: Lithograph prints on Paper
Size: 15" x 19" (380mm x 480mm)
Date: c. 1955

These are the unique original Lithograph prints by Lawrence Robb Batchelor.

A collection of 5 Dingbat posters produced for the pharmaceutical company Charles E. Frosst & Co. of Montreal, Canada in the 1950s.

These are old posters, not from the 1930s or 1940s, but reprints of calendars that Charles E. Frosst & Co would send out to clients, and therefore were on the walls in dental and doctor offices and pharmacies throughout Canada.

These posters were designed by Lawrence Batchelor and are titled "Asepsis Defences in Dingbat Land", "Fifty Years Progress in Dingbat Land", "Pharmacology in Dingbat Land", "Outpatient Department in Dingbat Land" and "Mass Production in Dingbat Land".

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Lawrence Robb Batchelor Art

Lawrence Robb Batchelor Art