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Leslie Ashwell Wood Art
Nelson's Flagship H.M.S. Victory Cutaway (Original)

Nelson's Flagship H.M.S. Victory Cutaway (Original) by Leslie Ashwell Wood Art at The Illustration Art Gallery

Ref: AshWoodHMSVictory (Click for LARGE picture)

Artist: Leslie Ashwell Wood (biography)
Medium: Pencil on Paper
Size: 19" x 12" (485mm x 305mm)
Date: 1935

This is the unique original Pencil drawing by Leslie Ashwell Wood.

A beautiful cut-away drawing by the master of cutaways himself, Leslie Ashwell Wood.

The drawing shows intricate workings and the meticulous details of Nelson's aptly named Flagship H.M.S. Victory, the most famous battleship in naval history.

This drawing first appeared in finished black and white form in the early British magazine published by The Amalgamated Press entitled 'The Romance of The Nation- A Stirring Pageant of the British Peoples Through All the Ages, and was subsequently published in coloured form in 1957 as the centre fold cutaway in the famous British comic 'Eagle' (Please see additional photos)

Drawn in pencil on what appears to be a double page spread from the artist's sketchbook measuring 485 x 305 mm

A copy of the Eagle Centrefold is included with this piece of original artwork.

Click for larger image ...
As it appeared in the British comic 'Eagle'
As it appeared in the British comic 'Eagle'
As it appeared in the book 'The Romance of thenation'
As it appeared in the book 'The Romance of thenation'

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Leslie Ashwell Wood Art

Leslie Ashwell Wood Art