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20th Century
Shopping Through The Ages (FOUR illustrations) (Originals)

Shopping Through The Ages (FOUR illustrations) (Originals) by 20th Century at The Illustration Art Gallery

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Artist: 20th Century unidentified artist
Medium: Pen & Ink Washes on Board
Size: 7" x 6" (190mm x 155mm)
Date: 1970

These are the unique original Pen & Ink Wash by 20th Century unidentified artist.

Four pen and ink wash original illustrations depicting how shopping changed over the centuries.

In A, we see a Medieval market stall with a house wife bringing her own clothes and jars to take away fish, meat and liquids;

In B, cloth being sold at an annual town fair;

In C, two rogues have been put in the stocks for selling tainted food or using false measures;

In D, a lady inspects a dress. Because of the cost of hand weaving cloth many people bought second hand clothes which merchants bought from the gentry. Fairy frequently they were stolen and this trade continued even through the period when wigs were popular.

All images were published in Look and Learn issue 436, 23rd May 1970. Each image is about 190mm x 155mm.

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Medieval Market Stall
Medieval Market Stall
Annual Town Fair
Annual Town Fair
Two Rogues in the Stocks
Two Rogues in the Stocks
Lady Inspects a Dress
Lady Inspects a Dress


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20th Century

20th Century