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We've been selling books and illustration art for over 40 years. We started trading in 1973 as Conquistador and were incorporated in 2001 and trade as The Book Palace. Our wide range of prestigious illustrated books covers book and comic illustration and includes first editions, limited editions and signed books.

We are the proud publishers of illustrators, the art quarterly featuring the world's finest illustrators and their art.

We also publish highly collectable illustrated books under the Book Palace Books imprint. These Limited Editions are produced to a very high standard and our growing list of titles are shown in the left hand column under 'Book Palace Books'!

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NEW ART  new art

MEGA COMICS BLOWOUT SALE At least 50% OFF ALL British and French comics and Annuals

NEW BOOKS new books


NEW CIGARETTE CARDS Fashion, Portraits, Cars, Ships, Aircraft, Royalty, Nature, ...


Book Palace Books Publishing House rare comics and ephemera
Rare Books, Comics & Ephemera rare comics and ephemera

American, British, French, ... rare new comics

Original British Comics new British comics sets

Original American Comics new Cowboy and War Picture Library sets

Early French Comics 

Cigarette Cards and Trade Cards cigarette cards

Transport cars, aeroplanes, railway locomotives, motorcycles, boats & ships new trade cards

Famous People Film Stars, Radio & TV Stars, Celebrities, Pirates & Highwaymen, ... new trade cards

Sport Football, cricket, cycling, tennis, horseracing, speedway, card games, ... new trade cards

Fashion Period Costumes, Dandies, Fops, Theatrical costumes, ...

Natural History (Wildlife) Flora and Fauna (Flowers, Animals, Birds, Fish, Insects) new trade cards

Military Uniforms and Dress Uniforms, Badges, Flags, Banners, Weapons, Armour, ...

British History Events, Flags, Victoria Cross, Traditions, Shakespeare, ... new trade cards

British Royalty Coronations, Jubilees, Portraits, ...

Architecture Famous buildings, classical sites new trade cards

Rare Books rare books

Edgar Rice Burroughs rare books

EC Rare Books rare books

Dan Dare Rare Books 

Robert Crumb Rare Books 

Frank Frazetta Rare Books 

Robert E Howard Rare Books rare new books

Krazy Kat Rare Books rare books

Roy Krenkel Rare Books 

Moebius Rare Books rare new books

Hugo Pratt Rare Books 

NC Wyeth Rare Books 

Collection d'Albums Historiques Rare Books 

Modesty Blaise Rare Books rare new books

Ephemera Magazines, records, publisher's proofs, rare magazines

Rare Magazines rare books


The Art of the Illustrator 

Fortunino Matania Ephemera 

Gerber's Photo-Journal Guide to Comic Books 

Rare Vinyl recordings 

Dick Turpin by Robert Prowse 

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The Golden Age: Masterworks from the Golden Age of Illustration 

Look and Learn 

Allen Anderson new books

Harry Anderson 

Tex Avery 

James Bama 

Barbosa new books

Frank Bellamy 

Austin Briggs new books

Reynold Brown 

Edgar Rice Burroughs new books

Milton Caniff new books

Joseph Clement Coll 

L B Cole 

Tony Common 

Robert Crumb 

Arturo del Castillo 

Rafael DeSoto new books

Disney new books

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W Herbert Dunton new books

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Ron Embleton Art Books new books

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Hergé new books

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Conan of Cimmeria * FABULOUS SALE * All our Conan of Cimmeria ASTOUNDING OFFERS in one place! new books
includes personally Remarqued, Leatherbound, Collected and Signed Editions.

Peter Jackson 

Jeffrey Jones 

Roy Krenkel 

Harvey Kurtzman 

Don Lawrence 


Trigan Empire 

The Legacy 

Maurice Leloir 

J C Leyendecker 

Tom Lovell new books

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Thomas Rowlandson new books

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H Vogel 

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Wulf the Briton 

Gilbert Hernandez new books

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The Trigan Empire (Don Lawrence) 

Storm (Don Lawrence) 

Solano Lopez 

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PS Artbooks (Golden & Silver Age) * SALE * new books ONLY 19.99 EACH!
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