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Illustrated British Classics: The Last of the Mohicans (Limited Edition)

Illustrated British Classics: The Last of the Mohicans (Limited Edition) at The Book Palace

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Two pages from the book (click for bigger picture)
Two pages from the book (click for larger pic)

Limited edition of 500 copies worldwide.

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James Fenimore Cooper's poignant tale superbly presented as a comic strip by the talented artists Cecil Doughty and Ruggero Giovannini.

In this volume, we re-present two very different adaptations of James Fenimore Cooper's popular adventure classic. Originally published in 1826, The Last of the Mohicans has been adapted countless times for films, television, radio and comics.

Set in 1757, when France and Great Britain battled for control of North America, it is the story of the two daughters of Colonel Munro, commander of a beleaguered fort and their journey to be reunited with him. The girls, Cora and Alice, are rescued from an ambush by Hawkeye, a hunter, and his two Mohican companions, Chingachgook and his son, Uncas. Together, they endeavour to get the girls to safety.

The first adaptation in this book was drawn and painted in full colour by renowned Italian artist Ruggero Giovannini and appeared in 'Tell Me Why' in 1968. Giovannini's strip is “simply the finest, most authentic and most colourful, picture strip adaptation of 'The Last of the Mohicans' ever to appear”.

The second version, from 'Look and Learn', was drawn in fine and authentic detail by Cecil Doughty and was originally published in 1980. Using as much as possible Cooper's own words, it can be fairly classed as one of the most faithful picture strip adaptations of the story.

Although obviously taken from the same source material, both versions differ in more ways than just the look of their artwork. These, and the further differences when compared to various cinematic versions, will hopefully inspire readers to seek out and read Cooper's original book.

A Book Palace Books publication.

Author: James Fenimore Cooper
Artists: Cecil Doughty, Ruggero Giovannini
Publisher: Book Palace Books, December 2014
Number of pages: 78
Format: Soft Cover; Part Colour illustrations
Size: 9" x 11" (216mm x 280mm)
ISBN: 9781907081293

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