Extracts: JET-ACE LOGAN Fleetway Picture Library Classics © 2019 Book Palace Books (272 PAGES in Full edition)

Originally published in Lone Rider Picture Library issues 1, 4 and 9 and Cowboy Picture Library issue 463, Arturo del Castillo’s Larrigan strips are dark and atmospheric, seemingly set in an eternal twilight which appear to prefigure the Spaghetti Western genre by several years. Book Palace Books’ Best of British FLEETWAY PICTURE LIBRARY ™ CLA SS IC S LARRIGAN ™ PRESENTS LARRIGAN was his name...some smiled when they heard it...others shuddered... A R T U R O D E L C A S T I L L O • F E A T U R I N G T H E A R T O F • LARRIGAN ™ FLEETWAY PICTURE LIBRARY ™ CLA SS IC S PRESENTS ™ A BOOK PALACE PUBLICATION Available exclusively from www.bookpalace.com