Extracts: JET-ACE LOGAN Fleetway Picture Library Classics © 2019 Book Palace Books (272 PAGES in Full edition)

Originally printed in Thriller Picture Library issues 383, 410, 418 and 442, these four tales of the “Dare-devil Ace of the R.A.F. Space Command” showcase the art of two greats of British comics. Ron Turner has long been regarded as one of the most innovative and stylish, sf illustrators the UK has ever produced. Ron’s spacecraft were of the most complex design, yet amazingly detailed, realistically drawn and appearing as if they could actually work and he was introducing us to some quite bizarre, galactic beings that seemed drawn from life. It was these qualities about his work that most impressed; imaginative, yet realistic. Kurt Caesar was an artist who was spectacularly good at drawing “things”, rockets, landscapes, cars, helicopters, buildings, you name it, he could draw it, and draw it in a way that looked compellingly real. He had a way of packing his panels with tiny dots and lines while also leaving off edges to create an almost photographic effect. FLEETWAY PICTURE LIBRARY ™ CLA SS IC S PRESENTS ™