EXTRACTS: The Art of Commando (illustrators special) © 2019 The Book Palace (144 PAGES in Full edition)

130 Flying High with Keith Burns Savour the amazing aviation art of one of Commando's newest recruits. Keith Burns is one of a trio of new Commando artists whose work is adding new vigour to a title famed for its action-packed covers. In this regard Keith’s work more than makes the grade. The power and dynamism he injects into each of his stunning cover paintings is a joy to behold. His art has echoes of artists such as Pino Dell’Orco and Graham Coton, but while the influence is Keith's debut cover for Commando fairly takes your breath away. When the Commando Team met Keith at the Military Odyssey Show in 2018 they couldn't wait to sign him up—you can see why! Text continues on page 134