EXTRACTS: The Art of Commando (illustrators special) © 2019 The Book Palace (144 PAGES in Full edition)

106 Black and White and Read All Over! — The Interior Art of Commando Comics Here are just a few magic moments from some of the greatest artists to work on Commando over six decades. Doyen of 'noir-fiction' Denis McLoughlin was a dedicated workaholic. Famed for his Buffalo Bill annuals and his gritty crime novel covers for TV Boardman, he devoted his 'retirement years' to producing comic strips for Commando comics, which just oozed atmosphere and gritty characterisation. As he said of his work for Commando , " I enjoy it so much I would continue to do it even if if they didn't pay me." ABOVE: 'Operation Manhunt' , script by Alan Hebden Commando 2702, published October 1993.