EXTRACTS: The Art of Commando (illustrators special) © 2019 The Book Palace (144 PAGES in Full edition)

1 THE ART OF COMMANDO CONTENTS 2 The origins of the UK's longest running war comic are explored by Peter Richardson. Commando - Daggers Drawn! EDITORIAL Commando has been a mainstay of war-themed adventure comics. With its distinctive logo and pocket-sized dimensions it has been a much-loved source of entertainment for generations of young (and not so young) readers. Commando has also featured some of the brightest talents, both in terms of scripts and artwork and, for the purpose of this issue, the art is what we will be focussing on. This is by no means an exhaustive or definitive collection of the greatest artists to work within the pages of Commando —some have inevitably slipped through the net, but we hope that you enjoy this issue nonetheless. We would like to thank Ian Kennedy, Gordon Livingstone, Gill Livingstone, Alex Turner, Colin Noble, Calum Laird, Kate McAuliffe, Graeme Neil Reid, Keith Burns, Neil Roberts, Sean Blair and the team at Commando HQ. Without their generous help and encouragement we would not have been able to bring you this issue. The opinions expressed in illustrators are those of the writers, and are not necessarily those of the editor and publishers. The accuracy of the authentication of all images is the responsibility of the contributors. Writing for Commando Sean Blair on the ins and outs of creating compelling Commando scripts.. 96 Cover Image: Jordi Penalva Illustrators The Book Palace Jubilee House Bedwardine Road Crystal Palace London SE19 3AP Email: IQ@bookpalace.com Web: www.bookpalace.com Contact GW: gw@bookpalace.com Tel: 020 8768 0022 (From overseas +44 20 8768 0022 ) Publisher: Geoff West Editor & Art Director: Peter Richardson Consultant Editors: Calum Laird, David Ashford, Norman Boyd, Alan Richardson Featured Writers: Peter Richardson, Calum Laird Alex Turner, Sean Blair Website: Paul Tanner Subscriptions & Distribution: David Howarth Advertising: IQ@bookpalace.com Unless otherwise stated all artwork is © DC Thomson & Co Ltd , 2019 illustrators ISBN 9781907081835 ISSN 2052-6520 Issue Number S5 Published October 2019 Copyright © 2019 by The Book Palace Ltd. All text and artwork copyright is vested with the respective creators and publishers. None of the material within these pages may be reproduced without the written consent of illustrators or the aforementioned copyright holders. The images reproduced within these pages are for research purposes and all efforts have been made to ensure their historical accuracy. Illustrators is published quarterly Back issues £20 each plus postage 4 issue subscriptions UK £55 POST FREE includes 4 free digital issues EU/USA £70 POST FREE includes 4 free digital issues ROW £75 POST FREE includes 4 free digital issues Available in the USA from budplant.com Trade Orders : IQ@bookpalace.com Printed in China by Prolong Press Ltd 74 Ian Kennedy - A View From the Dugout 106 Black and White and Read All Over! Calum Laird reflects on his long association with Ian, both as editor and friend. Commando Editor-In-Chief Alex Turner reflects on life at Commando HQ. Fighting Fit at 50 Plus! 8 The story of the man who created the Commando 'look' by the artist himself. Ken Barr - Hot Lead and Cold Steel! 22 An interview from 2001 with the artist who for many readers was 'Mr Commando'. Gordon Livingstone, I Presume? 44 Some of the greatest art to appear within the pages of Commando. Under Cover with Neil Roberts One of Commando's recent recruits shares the secrets behind his knockout cover art. 124 130 Flying High with Keith Burns Aviation art at its best—we learn more with another scorching new addition to the team. 136 Drawing a Bead on the Red Devil Graeme Neil Reid shares the step-by-step procedure behind his first Commando cover. 142 Book Reviews 2 books which will be of great interest to Commando enthusiasts..