Extracts: LARRIGAN Fleetway Picture Library Classics © 2019 Book Palace Books (272 PAGES in Full edition)

Originally printed in Thriller Picture Library issues 383, 410, 418 and 442, these four tales of the “Dare-devil Ace of the R.A.F. Space Command” showcase the art of two greats of British comics: Ron Turner and Kurt Caesar. Book Palace Books’ Best of British FLEETWAY PICTURE LIBRARY ™ CLA SS IC S S PRESENTS R O N T U R N E R & K U R T C A E S A R • F E A T U R I N G T H E A R T O F • FLEETWAY PICTURE LIBRARY ™ CLA SS IC S PRESENTS ™ ™ ™ A BOOK PALACE PUBLICATION Available exclusively from www.bookpalace.com