EXTRACTS: The Don Lawrence Westerns © 2011 The Book Palace (208 PAGES in Full edition)

WESTERN Wells Fargo and the Pony Express... the exploits of the men driving and protecting the mail stages and their passengers are an integral part of Western lore, as famous as many of the names that created the legends of the Wild West – Wyatt Earp rode shotgun for Wells Fargo in Arizona, Wild Bill Hickok was a coach driver for the Pony Express and even Apache leader Cochise worked as a woodcutter for the Overland Mail. When it came to adventure, stories of cowboys and Indians were hard to beat. Transport and communication had made the world a smaller place: by the 1950s there were few places left to explore, few peaks that had not been climbed and few continents left to conquer. The American West was the last wild frontier, its heroes the larger-than-life stars of Saturday Morning Cinema and that newcomer to houses across Britain, television. Kelman D. Frost and Don Lawrence created one of the most entertaining comic strips of the era, capturing the excitement and exhilaration of the Wild West. As their heroes battle Indians and outlaws on the stagecoach routes or race with the mail through bandit country, the thrills never let up. A BOOK PALACE BOOK £25