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Wee Willie Winkie (Worsley)
Around The World with Hannibal and Wee Willie Winkie (Original)

Around The World with Hannibal and Wee Willie Winkie (Original) by Wee Willie Winkie (Worsley) at The Illustration Art Gallery

Ref: WorsleyJGlobeTrot (Click for LARGE picture)

Artist: John Worsley (biography)
Medium: Watercolour on Board
Size: 14" x 18" (350mm x 450mm)
Date: 1963

This is the unique original Watercolour painting by John Worsley.

This watercolour surrounded by opaque red body colour by John Worsley is typical of the Wee Willie Winkie stories published in Treasure magazine.

The protagonist waves to us in a moment of happiness as he rides his baby elephant Hannibal across the page. With extraordinarily beautifully painted features, Hannibal has a prancing air of glee and innocent joyfulness.

Worsley spent time in a P.O.W. camp after being captured during World War II in then Yugoslavia, and yet achieves a fantastic liberation from the past by painting in such a fluid joyful manner. Worsley's work can be found in The Imperial War Museum, The Maritime Museum, The collection of HM The Queen, The Savage club and many other private collections including Royal Families, banks and Colleges.

This truly is a beautiful set piece.

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Wee Willie Winkie (Worsley)

Wee Willie Winkie (Worsley)