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Gustaf Tenggren
Disney 'Atmosphere' Sheet for Pinocchio (Ozalid)

Disney 'Atmosphere' Sheet for Pinocchio (Ozalid) by Gustaf Tenggren at The Illustration Art Gallery

Ref: TenggrenOzalid (Click for LARGE picture)

Extremely Rare Original Disney Ozalid Sheet by Gustaf Tenggren

Artist: Gustaf Tenggren (biography)
Medium: Ozalid print on Paper
Size: 16" x 13" (410mm x 330mm)
Date: 1940

This is a Disney Ozalid Layout Sheet.

The Ozalid Layout sheet shows fantastic Atmosphere sketches drawn for Pinocchio by Gustaf Tenggren. These sheets were passed around the studio to ensure artistic consistency throughout the production, and the image of Gepetto's House from the Atmosphere Ozalid is reproduced in the Disney Archives book as shown.

This type of Ozalid print would have been produced in house to ensure secrecy and hardly ever left the Studios. These are rarely found even in the hands of collectors.

The Ozalid printing process relies on a sensitised paper being developed using ammonia vapour, resulting in a very stable and long lasting print, often used by architects and early animation studios, as the sheets would have been handled over and over.

The surface of this print has a slight satin finish, similar to that of a developed photograph on satin paper from a dark-room.

The layout sheet is in extremely good condition despite the small tear to the top and left edges, and was actually used in the production of the animation, Disney's second full length feature, over 80 years ago!

The Ozalid measures 410 x 330mm and is a true piece of Disney Studio history.

STOP PRESS: To celebrate the 140th anniversary of Pinocchio, we are very proud to present a unique opportunity to purchase this exceptionally rare official Ozalid Disney Studio Layout Sheet (drawn by Gustaf Tenggren in 1940) together with a copy of The Walt Disney Film Archives, The Animated Movies 1921-1968 the Deluxe Clam-shell limited edition.

This Ozalid does not usually come with this publication- we have carefully curated these pieces together to celebrate the first appearance of Carlo Collodi's magical story appearing in serial form in a weekly children's supplement to the newspaper Il Fanfulla on 7 July 1881.

Buy BOTH the pristine The Walt Disney Film Archives, The Animated Movies 1921-1968 (deluxe Clamshell edition) and this Ozalid Layout sheet by Gustaf Tenggren for £1100 and save £200 ! Just order both as usual and your discount will be applied automatically.

The Walt Disney Film Archives, The Animated Movies 1921-1968 is an Art Edition, limited to 2,500 copies worldwide, and includes facsimiles of Fantasia storyboard sketches and a portfolio of five cel setups from the Silly Symphonies. It also features the image of Gepetto's house as depicted in this Ozalid.

Gepetto's house as it appears in the book and in this Ozalid
Gepetto's house shown in the book and in this Ozalid
Ozalid with book
Ozalid and book

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Gustaf Tenggren

Gustaf Tenggren at The Illustration Art Gallery