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John S Smith
Veterans of World War One (Original)

Veterans of World War One (Original) by John S Smith at The Illustration Art Gallery

Ref: SmithJSCarolineLL (Click for LARGE picture)

Artist: John S Smith (biography)
Medium: Pen & Ink Wash on Board
Size: 7" x 5" (170mm x 130mm)
Date: 1981

This is the original Pen & Ink Wash by John S Smith.

The top ship is H.M.S. Caroline the only ship to survive the Battle of Jutland during WWI. The ship below was built in 1912 for the German Navy and named the Goeben and later served with the Turkish navy as the Yavuz.

At the time the feature was written for Look and Learn the Yavuz, as one of the very few survivors of WWI was derelict and being broken for scrap. H.M.S. Caroline was based in Belfast being used as an RN Reserve drill ship.

Originally published Look and Learn #989 21 February 1981. Note the art is card which has been mounted on a second piece of card with a double stroke mark surround.

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John S Smith

John S Smith