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Creepy Comix (Parlett)
Creepy Comix - Shopping - Complete One Page Gag (Original)

Creepy Comix - Shopping - Complete One Page Gag (Original) by Creepy Comix (Parlett) at The Illustration Art Gallery

Ref: ParlettCCCoffin (Click for LARGE picture)

Artist: Reg Parlett (biography)
Medium: Pen & Ink on Card
Size: 17" x 22" (420mm x 550mm)
Date: c. 1988

This is the unique original Pen & Ink drawing by Reg Parlett.

Creepy Comix was a feature mainly drawn by British Comics stalwart Reg Parlett. It first appeared in Wow! in June 1982 and then survived through various mergers, firstly Whoopee! then Whizzer & Chips and finally Buster where it finally ended in 1997. The stories concerned Davey Doom who had bought all 13 issues of "Creepy Comix" and used them to summon help from all manner of horrible monsters. A great wish fulfilment strip.

All these art boards were drawn in two halves for ease of posting and taped together for printing. Some feature small paste-ups where Parlett altered a pose for better comedic effect. Exact dates unknown but probably from Whizzer & Chips late 1980s.

Price:  120.00
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Creepy Comix (Parlett)

Creepy Comix (Parlett)