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Eric Parker Art
Wars against the French (Original)

Wars against the French (Original) by Eric Parker Art at The Illustration Art Gallery

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Artist: Eric Parker (biography)
Medium: Watercolour on Board
Size: 17" x 20" (420mm x 520mm)
Date: 1968

This is the unique original Watercolour painting by Eric Parker.

In 1756 Admiral John Byng failed to defend Minorca and properly engage the French fleet. He was court-martialed and shot on the quarterdeck of the Monarque in Portsmouth harbour.

His last act was to pass a note to a marshal of the admiralty stressing he had done his best under the circumstances (top left). It is now agreed that he was correct and the government committed judicial murder.

Top right a drunken sailor finds a breach in the walls of the fort protecting Calcutta. He started shooting, proclaiming the fort his and the Indian garrison fled.

Middle panel shows the fierce battle between the Monmouth and the French Foudroyant. This was part of a plan to capture Louisbourg in Cape Breton.

The bottom panel shows a daring night time raid that attempted to tow out the two defending French ships. One ran aground and was torched, the other was successfully taken away.

Scrapbook of the British Sailor: Fighting the French. From Look and Learn no. 339 (13 July 1968).

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Eric Parker Art

Eric Parker Art