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Disney Studio
Disney's Pluto (Ozalid)

Disney's Pluto (Ozalid) by Disney Studio at The Illustration Art Gallery

Ref: DisneyOzPluto (Click for LARGE picture)

Rare Disney Ozalid Model Sheet

Artist: Disney Studio
Medium: Ozalid print on Paper
Size: 14" x 11" (355mm x 282mm)
Date: 1941

This is the unique original Ozalid print by Disney Studio.

This beautiful Model Sheet examines the actions and moods of Mickey's faithful friend Pluto. Featuring 25 views and hints and tips on how to draw Pluto, this isn't only a piece of Disney Studio history but is also a lot of fun to examine and is beautifully instructional.

Printed using an in house photographic type process called Ozalid printing, these model sheets were considered official Disney documents and were never meant to leave the studio, as a result these are highly sought after by collectors.

This sheet measures 355 x 282 mm and shows it's age and years of use being passed through the hands of the animators in the studio.

The Ozalid printing process relies on a sensitised paper being developed using ammonia vapour, resulting in a very stable and long lasting print, often used by architects and early animation studios, as the sheets would have been handled over and over.

The surface of this heavy duty print has a slight satin finish , similar to that of a developed photograph on satin paper from a dark-room.

This is a true piece of Disney Studio history.


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Disney Studio

Disney Studio