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Collection of 15 Crikey and I Super Spies and Secret Agents (2007-2010)

Collection of 15 Crikey and I Super Spies and Secret Agents (2007-2010) at The Book Palace

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Crikey! was the best ever magazine devoted to British comics and ran for 16 glorious issues between 2007 and 2010. Each issue (approx 50 pages) presented informed articles on British comic strips, British comic strip artists and the history of British comics.

They cover everything about British comics from Beano and Eagle to Thunderbirds and Zero X and include articles on The Broons, The Victor, Football strips, Scorcher, Ron Embleton, Ken Reid, Frank Bellamy, Charly's War, The Avengers, The Phantom, Space 1999, Garth, Thunderbirds, Billy Bunter, Tornado, Halo Jones, Ron Turner, The Dandy, Hotspur, Warlord, Black Bob, Dudley Watkins, Frank Hampson, Warrior, Dan Dare, Commando, Ian Kennedy, Spellbound, Mike Noble, Andy Capp, Countdown, Don Lawrence, Fireball XL5, Adam Eterno, and much more.

This collection comprises Crikey! issues 2 to 16, PLUS a copy of the companion magazine Super Spies and Secret Agents #1 featuring Man From Uncle, James Bond, The Champions, Special Agent 21, Nick Fury, etc.

Each issue approx 50pp and all in mint condition.

Artists: Ken Reid, Frank Bellamy, Ron Embleton, Terry Bave, Don Lawrence, Dave Gibbons, Mike Noble, Frank Hampson, Dudley Watkins, et al
Publisher: Sequential Media, 2007-2010
Number of pages: 50
Format: Soft Cover; Black & White illustrations
Size: 8" x 12" (210mm x 300mm)
Condition: As New

WAS 75   SAVE 38

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