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The Jumblies (Blasco)
Edward and the Jumbly Inventor (COMPLETE 4 PAGE STORY) (Originals)

Edward and the Jumbly Inventor (COMPLETE 4 PAGE STORY) (Originals) by The Jumblies (Blasco) at The Illustration Art Gallery

Ref: BlascoInventor34 (Click for LARGE picture)

Artist: Jesus Blasco (biography)
Medium: Pen & Ink Washes on Card
Size: 12" x 15" (310mm x 370mm)
Date: 1987

These are the unique original Pen & Ink Wash by Jesus Blasco.

All four pages of this amusing Edward and the Jumblies story that was published in the Jack and Jill Holiday Special 1987. The original art panels have been mounted on newer card or art board.

I suspect there was an earlier publication and the Holiday Special is a reprint appearance. Judging by character's clothes the original may have been late 1960s. In any event the story has all the innocent charm and slight surrealism that the Jumbly stories are famous for.

A complete story in four pages or thirteen panels of gorgeous Jesus Blasco art.

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2nd page of story
2nd page of story
3rd page of story
3rd page of story
4th page of story
4th page of story

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The Jumblies (Blasco)

The Jumblies (Blasco)