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Carl Barks
The Goose Egg Nugget (Limited Edition Print) (Signed)

The Goose Egg Nugget (Limited Edition Print) (Signed) by Carl Barks at The Illustration Art Gallery

Ref: BarksGoose (Click for LARGE picture)

Artist: Carl Barks (biography)
Medium: Numbered Limited edition Lithograph print on Acid-free Paper
Size: 8" x 10" (203mm x 254mm)
Date: 1996
Signature: Signed by artist bottom right

This is a Signed Limited edition print.

Carl Barks was asked in an interview on June 24, 1984 to comment on his paintings in general and his own favourites, in particular of the 122 he did that were published in Another Rainbow's The Fine Art of Walt Disney's Donald Duck. He responded with a smile, I always liked The Goose Egg Nugget very much -- it told its own story.

Another Rainbow produced it as a mini litho and did a full-size print of another that Barks said was a very close second, Nobody's Spending Fool. If collectors today thought they wanted to invest in a single lithograph, serious consideration would have to be given to The Goose Egg Nugget!

This is the story of his masterpiece. One day many long years ago, young prospector Scrooge McDuck brazenly strode into the local Dawson City saloon. As all (well, almost all) patrons stare in wide-eyed wonder, he reaches into his poke and reveals the gold that will forever separate him from every other seeker of fortune in the Klondike -- The Goose Egg Nugget!

In this painting, Carl Barks wove a rich tapestry of tension that draws the viewer's gaze inexorably to the prize, glittering in light that seems to come more from Scrooge's look of unbridled triumph than from the dim oil lamp. This painting was issued as a limited edition miniature lithograph by Another Rainbow, the thirty second (32nd) of a long-run series, rendered in fourteen (14) colours and touchplates, printed by Chicago's Black Box on Opalesque Keramique, an exotic archival paper with exceptional ink holdout.

The Goose Egg Nugget comes with a comic book reprinting the story behind the painting, Back to the Klondike, which first appeared in Uncle Scrooge #2 (1953). Signed edition of 595.

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Comic book accompanying the lithograph.

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Carl Barks

Carl Barks