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FULL index of artists and articles featured in all issues of illustrators

ILLUSTRATORS INDEX: M - Z at The Book Palace

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issue 18 (click for bigger picture)
issue 18 (click for larger pic)

The sumptuous ART quarterly presenting the world's finest illustrators.

FULL index of artists and articles featured in all issues of illustrators
(see also INDEX: A to L)

Peter Maddocks (issue 3)Konstantin Makovsky (issue 20)Vladimir Makovsky (issue 20)
Milo Manara (issue 25)Esteban Maroto (Warren Spanish Special)Jean Mascii (issue 24)
Fortunino Matania (issue 14)Fortunino Matania (Pirates! Special)Fortunino Matania (issue 3)
Rodney Matthews (issue 21)Vasily Maximov (issue 20)James McConnell (Pirates! Special)
James McConnell (issue 11)Chris McEwan (issue 4)Dave McKean (issue 15)
Denis McLoughlin (issue 1)Tara McPherson (issue 14)Philip Mendoza (Pirates! Special)
Philip Mendoza (issue 26)Philip Mendoza (issue 12)Men's Adventure Magazines (issue 30)
Petar Meseldija (issue 26)Grigory Miasoyedov (issue 20)Micron Publications (Picture Libraries) (issue 3)
John Millar Watt (issue 26)John Millar Watt (Pirates! Special)Jeff Miracola (issue 13)
Edward Mortelmans (Pirates! Special)Henry Cruse Murphy (Pirates! Special)Ron Murphy (issue 12)
Syd Nicholls (Pirates! Special)Pat Nicolle (issue 10)Pat Nicolle (Pirates! Special)
Alex Nio (Pirates! Special)Earl Norem (issue 30)Mitch O'Connell (issue 13)
Jose Ortiz (issue 22)Sydney Paget (issue 8)Pan Book of Horror Stories (issue 4)
Frank C Pap (issue 10)Eric Parker (issue 9)Eric Parker (Pirates! Special)
Roger Payne (Pirates! Special)Sam Peffer (issue 15)Jordi Penalva (issue 22)
Jordi Penalva (Commando Special)Jordi Penalva (issue 2)Leif Peng (issue 7)
Bruce Pennington (issue 9)Ren Peron (issue 24)Ken Petts (Pirates! Special)
Sean Phillips (Crime Special)Pirates (Pirates! Special)Vasily Polenov (issue 20)
Norman Price (Pirates! Special)Puffin Books (issue 18)Howard Pyle (Pirates! Special)
Alex Raymond (issue 25)Graeme Neil Reid (Commando Special)Frederic Remington (issue 27)
Ilya Repin (issue 20)Zac Retz (issue 17)Louis Rheade (Pirates! Special)
Peter Richardson (issue 18)John Ridgway (Commando Special)David Roach (intro) (Warren Spanish Special)
Neil Roberts (Commando Special)Norman Rockwell (1 page) (issue 19)Rojac (issue 24)
Romero (issue 22)Franz Roubaud (issue 20)Rowena (issue 31)
Thomas Rowlandson (issue 29)George and Jerome Rozen (issue 32)Russian Romantics (The Wanderers) (issue 20)
Andrei Ryabushkin (issue 20)Jos Luis Salinas (Pirates! Special)Brian Sanders (issue 5)
Sanjulian (Warren Spanish Special)Norman Saunders (issue 30)Konstantin Savitsky (issue 20)
Frank Earle Schoonover (Pirates! Special)Frank Earle Schoonover (issue 33)Charles Schreyvogel (issue 27)
Septimus Scott (issue 13)Septimus Scott (Pirates! Special)Cynthia Sheppard (issue 10)
Raymond Sheppard (issue 2)Ivan Shishkin (issue 20)Sidney Herbert Sime (Pirates! Special)
Sidney Herbert Sime (issue 12)Paul Slater (issue 16)Roger Soubie (issue 24)
Spanish Artists (Warren Spanish Special)Dave Stevens (Pirates! Special)William Stout (issue 10)
Adam Stower (issue 14)Vasily Surikov (issue 20)Ferdinando Tacconi (War Special)
Amit Tayal (issue 10)Mike Terry (issue 11)Will Terry (issue 9)
Andy Thomas (issue 15)Rico Tomaso (Pirates! Special)Torpedo (Crime Special)
Josep Toutain (Warren Spanish Special)Treasure Island (Pirates! Special)Victoria Upson (issue 13)
Viktor Vasnetsov (issue 20)Andy Virgil (issue 3)The Wanderers (Russian Romantics) (issue 20)
John Watkiss (issue 18)Michael White (Pirates! Special)Roy Wilson (issue 29)
Lawson Wood (issue 29)David Wright (issue 2)Bernie Wrightson (Warren US Artists Special)
N C Wyeth (Pirates! Special)N C Wyeth (issue 23)Walter Wyles (issue 6)
Mike Zagorsky (issue 14)Denis Zilber (issue 12)

(see also INDEX: A to L)