Classics Illustrated were one of the greatest comic series ever produced. It was so profusely distributed in the 1950s and 1960s, and it's artwork and design so memorable, that the series still commands tremendous loyalty and nostalgia from both comic collectors and people who just want to relive their childhood memories.

The British series of Classics Illustrated mostly reprints the US series, although there are 13 British only titles that never appeared in the USA. In addition there are many cover changes and occasional interior art variations, while there were some US editions that were never reprinted in the UK. (We have included the US only editions in this gallery for completeness).

The British Classics Illustrated ceased publication in 1968 with a total of 168 different titles and many different variations. The publishing history of this series is even more complicated than that of the US series. The titles were not published in numerical order, and for example the British #1 Huckleberry Finn is the US #19. To further confuse matters, the pricing on the British editions ranged from 1/- (one shilling), 1/3, 1/6, to 2/- dependant upon when it was issued and what type of edition it was (Super Classic, Giant Classic etc.)

Illustrated here is a complete run of ALL the British Editions of Classics Illustrated in ALL their various editions, plus ALL the special editions and spin off series, and the US only titles that never appeared in the UK. This is a truly unique record and reference guide to an amazing series of comics, and we are privileged to show all 217 different UK covers in the main series (including some back covers) here in the picture gallery! Note that #93 is the same as #152 (Wild Animals).

Collecting British Classics Illustrated is a great deal more difficult than collecting the US editions and many collectors world wide are still seeking some of the rarer and scarcer titles of this wonderful series.

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