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illustrators all issues
illustrators issue 20

illustrators issue 20

Ref: ILLUSTRATORS20 (Click for larger cover picture!)

issue 20 (click for bigger picture)
issue 20 (click for larger pic)

The sumptuous ART quarterly presenting the world's finest illustrators.
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illustrators issue 20
illustrators issue 20
illustrators issue 20
illustrators issue 20
illustrators issue 20
illustrators issue 20
illustrators issue 20
illustrators issue 20
illustrators issue 20
illustrators issue 20
illustrators issue 20
illustrators issue 20

Issue 20 is a special edition featuring The Russian Romantics including:

Franz Roubaud: Majestic landscapes, galloping horses, gaudily clad warriors

Ivan Bilibin: One of the greatest ever Russian illustrators

Ilya Repin: Russian Romantic

Vasily Polenov: Russian Romantic

Victor Vasnetsov: Russian Romantic

Ivan Shiskin: Russian Romantic

Konstantin & Vladimir Makovsky: Russian Romantics

Vasily Surikov: Russian Romantic

Konstantin Flavitsky: Russian Romantic

Ivan Kramskol: Russian Romantic

Pavel Fedotov: Russian Romantic

Vasily Maximov: Russian Romantic

Isaac Levitan: Russian Romantic

Konstantin Savitsky: Russian Romantic

Andrei Ryabushkin: Russian Romantic

Grigory Miasoyedov: Russian Romantic

Ivan Alvazovsky: Russian Romantic

Joaquín Blázquez Garcés: The strange tale of Blázquez and E.T.

plus our regular features including The Bookshelf and Letters.

More like a book than a magazine, illustrators is the art quarterly devoted to the finest illustration art ever published. It guides you through the stories behind the artists and their art, with features written by some of the leading authorities on this important art form.

As well as building into an indispensable reference library, illustrators gives readers an insight into the creative process, from idea to sketch to painting, and from painting to the image seen by millions.

Truly fabulous artwork abounds in every issue, much of the art taken from scans of the original work.

Authors: Diego Cordoba, Peter Richardson; edited by Diego Cordoba
Artists: Franz Roubaud, Ivan Bilibin, Konstantin Flavitsky, Ilya Repin, Vasily Polenov, Victor Vasnetsov, Ivan Shiskin, Konstantin & Vladimir Makovsky, et al
Publisher: Book Palace Books, Autumn/Fall 2017
Number of pages: 96
Format: Flexi Cover; Full Colour illustrations
Size: 9" x 11" (216mm x 280mm)
ISBN: 9781907081422

Price:  18.00

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