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Giorgio De Gaspari
Wild Cats (Original) (Signed)

Wild Cats (Original) (Signed) by Giorgio De Gaspari at The Illustration Art Gallery

Ref: GaspariWildCats (Click for LARGE picture)

Artist: Giorgio De Gaspari (biography)
Medium: Pencil on Acid-free Paper
Size: 6" x 7" (160mm x 170mm)
Date: 1950
Signature: Signed by artist in pencil bottom right

This is the Signed unique original Pencil drawing by Giorgio De Gaspari.

A very moody illustration of two wild cat cubs rendered in pencil and graphite by the fantastic Giorgio De Gaspari.

Gaspari had a fabulous knack of giving a dramatic, almost cinematic edge to his illustrations, and this is no exception. Gaspari delights with his clever perspectives and an artful mastery of the human form and expression.

This illustration is teaming with elegance and menace.

It's extremely rare to come across these pieces which Gaspari painted for thriller and crime magazines, often filled with glamorous dames, gangsters and heroes.

The page has the original publisher's notes written in pencil to the bottom of the sheet and marks in non-repro red.

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Giorgio De Gaspari

Giorgio De Gaspari

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