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Severino Baraldi
Henry Hudson (Original)

Henry Hudson (Original) by Severino Baraldi at The Illustration Art Gallery

Ref: BaraldiHudsonxLL (Click for LARGE picture)

Artist: Severino Baraldi (biography)
Medium: Gouache on Board
Size: 23" x 15" (575mm x 390mm)
Date: 1978

This is the original Gouache painting by Severino Baraldi.

Henry Hudson, 17th Century Explorer. Fearful that their captain was leading them to disaster, the crew of the Discovery seized him and thrust him into a boat with a few men to meet whatever fate awaited them. During his search of the Arctic for a northern trade route, Henry Hudson discovered Jan Mayen Island.

So many whales swam in the waters around here that Hudson realised the profitability of setting up whaling stations in the north. As a result, he became known as the father of the English whale fisheries on Spitsbergen, the Arctic island group. This is the original artwork.

Originally published in Look and Learn issue 855, 3rd June 1978. Please note there is a vertical crease down the middle of the art made during the printing process. Professionally matted and framed.

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Severino Baraldi

Severino Baraldi